Unexpected, Unfinished Business”

img_0547Three years ago, we were expecting to see the bathroom tile-layer around 9am. Instead, we got a phone call. He wasn’t coming. He had suddenly died. The last thing I had said to him the day before was, “Thanks for everything you’re doing.” He would die that night. Several times that day, I glanced at the unfinished bathroom and thought of him. I also thought of its unfinished business and the bigger picture it represented. A picture that includes all the business we’d leave unfinished, if we died unexpectedly. I don’t know if you have unfinished business with a relationship? A promise? A commitment to Jesus? An apology? Today is the day to do everything. Yesterday can’t be repeated, tomorrow can’t be predicted. Today is the day. Today is the day to forgive. Today is the day to love. Today is the day to bless. Today is the day to know where you’re going if you don’t get tomorrow. Of course we’ll all have unfinished business when we die. But hopefully it’ll just be something like unfinished bathroom tile. Today is the day to finish…

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