Turn It Down For What?

I was listening to a radio program about noise vs. silence in our everyday lives.  It got me thinking, hence this post where I download my learnings.  By and large, we choose noise. Today, for example, I chose the noise of iTunes when I worked out. I chose the noise of “Mike and Mike” when I made breakfast for the boys. I chose noise when I decided to listen to the radio program that inspired this post.  I chose noise when I put the TV on in the background as I put away groceries. I think I’ve made my case.  And Jesus chose noise too. He chose to be in the noisy Temple when they turned it into a Festival Flea Market. He chose noise when He walked into a town, unwanted or unexpected. But in as much as Jesus chose noise, He also chose silence (if you want verses that back this up, email me). Which, of course, got me thinking. If Jesus chose silence, should I? I think I know the answer. There’s an old saying, “Silence is golden.” Guess what? Heaven is golden too! Maybe I’d have more moments of Heaven on Earth, if I chose more times to be silent in them…

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