Humpty Dumpty Heather

About seven years ago, in my journal, I scribbled:

Humpty Heather sat on a wall
Humpty Heather had a great fall
All the kings horses, all the kings men
Couldn’t put her back together again.
But Humpty Heather is on God’s plan
And Humpty Heather along with her CuBAN
Are working hard and working together
She ain’t gonna be broken Humpty forever!

Friends, sometimes we fall. And lest we do, we mustn’t feel like it’s over! Like an egg, humans fall, crack and break–-but like God (and only God), He puts us back together again (I can testify! 🙌🏾 Anyone else?!) If you feel like Humpty–you fell, you cracked, you broke–don’t despair. Let the one who made you, repair you. That’s what “Carpenters” do. ❣️

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