>Observations While Traveling


I have been waiting 5 years for this vacation. But the road to where we are was not without hassle. As tempted as I am to give my top 100 reasons why NOT to travel thru the air, I will instead give a couple observations I had WHILE traveling. And, someway, somehow, tie it to leadership.

1. At the Ft. Laud. airport, 2 Peruvian men did not speak English. The airline-Nazi directing the flow of the line was so rude to them. Thankfully, Raul stopped & noticed and took on good-Samaritan skin—helping these 2 lost & confused travellers, all the way from the baggage check-in to their gate. Leadership Point – don’t ignore rudeness and don’t dish out rudeness, instead….kill it with kindness.

2. Upon arriving to the resort, 2 couples are at the guest service desk. Raul & I, and another couple in their 60s. Both couples there to voice a concern. Ours? They left Raul’s luggage in Florida. This is a legitimate concern and a BIG reason to be ticked off – but we’re on vacation, so we filled out paperwork & went on our merry way. However, all the while, the other couple was complaining about something too. Conversely, it was truly unbelievable how the woman was acting! She started yelling at her husband, then she took her hat off and threw it at his face and stomped off yelling–leaving him there, in front of an audience, in a pile of shame and humiliation. Leadership Point – when the stress level is totally at its peak and we are w/ others, our best leadership skill will be NO action verses psycho-reactions.

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>Lead ’em to the water


OK, so this is old news, but when I stumbled across these pix, it felt brand new again.
Two years ago, my youngest bro, Chris, got baptized at my church’s Beach Baptism.
In the photos are Chris, Pastor Allen, Pastor Raul, Jason (my oldest-youngest bro) and me.
While Chris was living here in S. Florida, attending my church, I got to “lead” him a bit.
Not because I am any more holier than he is; simply led him by example and relentless prayer.
I’m his big sister, that’s my job.
Do you realize the scope of your leadership?
Do you really grip the fact that no matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve done,
IF you follow Christ, THEN you are a leader!?!?!
You are in leadership to lead people to Him.
You gotta embrace that!
Who are you leading to Jesus?
Who are you leading to church?
Who are you leading to the water?
We don’t have alot of time, so let’s get it started, man!

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>Inside my private prayer journal?!?!!

>I have my daily quiet time in the morning.
Before kids came, I read and journaled for about 30 min.’s.
Today, with little kids, I read and write for about 15 min.’s.

Right now I am reading the NIV bible and I write in cheap-o journals (Walmart, & clearance tables at Barnes and Noble have great ones).
I thought I’d share a recent entry…word for word.
(warning: some of this will make no sense).
Don’t know what any of you will get out of reading this,
but felt led to do it so I am.

July 8
whom the Son sets free is free indeed! You are the way, the truth and the life, you are my King adn your love is amazing.
Thank you for:
-helping me write my teaching
-helping Gar teach this weekend
-Raul – my best friend who I trust the most on Earth
-your daily favor in our life: home, rest, health
-DJs 1st teacher, Mrs. Mora, and her permanent investment in his life.
Lord, I pray for:
-the FRC campuses, for them to grow, by even one today
-my teaching next weekend, empty me of myself
-Gar, Melissa, Allen, Sharon, Matt, Steve, Sammy
-Amy – please keep that baby in her womb, please keep baby safe til full term
-please give me patience w/ Andy and DJ; discernment for when to discipline

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>Dedicated to the Hurting Leader

>This post is for hurting leaders:
the confused; the struggling; the attacked; the dejected; the depressed; the lost; 

the suffering;the fallen.
Leader, if these words describe you, do not let these words define you.You exist in the eyes of God as if you were his only treasured leader.
To Him, you are irreplaceable.
He sees you where it hurts and he only wants to meet you there.

I pray, that this day, you are encouraged by His promise:
“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed;
perplexed, but not in despair;
persecuted, but not abandoned;
struck down, but not destroyed.”
 (2 Corinthians 4:8)
This is not a catchy phrase or a good Hallmark line.

2 Corinthians 4:8 is a promise that has the living breath and the beating heart of God behind every word.
He put this verse in His book, which has outlasted every book ever written over the last 4000 years.
His word spans all generations and has saved the most downcast and dejected.
If you used any of the aforementioned words to describe you, use God’s promise to define you.
Hug on these words as though they were the only words left—and know that that would be plenty.And where ever you are, in the darkest corner of a lightless pit, 

God is sitting there right beside you.
Friend, I’m praying for you.
And He loves you.

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>I hate to read. I pray to lead. If you pray to lead, you must read. We must read to lead! Here are some of my fav’s…

1. It’s Your Ship

2. Jesus-Leadership

3. The Creative-Leader

4. Purple-Cow

5. No-Perfect-People-Allowed

6. Anything by John Ortberg

7. Anything by John Ortberg

8. Anything by John Ortberg

9. Dont-Know-About-American-History

10. The Giving-Tree

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>And the winner is…


Well, we put this photo before the judge, along with your hilarious entries.

And the judge chose, “R’s” entry as his winner.
“R” posted the comment, “Funny Daddy”
So, “R”, I will be giving you a crisp $50 bill this week! Congratulations! And for all of you who participated– thanks, man! This has been the highlight of my week. You have a wonderful sense of humor embedded in your leadership. That’s a gift. Don’t take it for granted – leverage it to lead others to smile.

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OK, so, leaders lead because they exhibit tenacity in the face of danger; they have courage in the unknown; they model strength in the midst of weakness……..right? 
Right. But not always.
I am TOTALLY scared to death about something.

I feel like I have fear-flu: an all-over pain in my joints, my organs, my chest, and yes, even in my intestines. 
I’m just wondering…do we think its OK to cut leaders some slack when they feel chicken?
In other words, will it suck the leadership out of a leader if the leader is at least bold enough to admit they’re scared?
With the topic of fear, I always think of Daniel in the bible.
Did he become a leader as a result of not being scared when thrown into a den of lions?
Because Daniel was scared to death, and came out of it better (lit. & fig.), he became an amazing leader?
Hum….hey, if you can translate this post into something, will you send along your thoughts? Y
our words could be the answer to many chicken’s prayers

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>Sweaty Leadership


These are pix from July 4th, and this team is our FRC-Doral campus. Again, I tip my hats to my Flamingo-friends. They sweated alot to reach out on the 4th. South Florida in July is bloody hot, man. It got me thinking about Jesus. In his leadership, I’m sure he sweated alot for the sake of reaching out. He didn’t have a car w/ AC to get from one soulful task to the next. He didn’t have a vacation place to escape to, in between healing missions. Jesus was a man on his feet, sweating in desertland, all for the sake of reaching out. Do you think….that in order to “lead it” we sometimes have to be willing to “sweat it?” The ultimate display of this, of course, is the carrying of a cross on a back, after being whipped, all the way up a hillside, then being nailed to it. Sobering thought.

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>Leading & Fighting


OK, leaders – we lead, right? But how do we fight? I don’t mean take him or her out back & see who will throw the first punch (which, btw, happened to me in 7th grade). But how do we, as leaders, handle conflict?

I think if its a unilateral conflict (you vs. someone alongside you), follow what the bible says and do what you have to do (in private) til you can walk away agreeing or agreeing to disagree. And leave it there!! Don’t ever take it with you, to be exposed to the rest of the team.
What if you have conflict w/ YOUR leader? Well, again, we can look to the bible, where we are clearly told to submit to our authority. The ultimate vision hasn’t been given to us, its been given to the one leading us (otherwise we’d be in the bigger office). So push the envelope, but don’t push your way out of a job.
What if, as a leader, you have it out with one of your followers? Hum…I am not going to speak to this because I am not very good at it. Sorry, but this blog is no good if I dish out bogus advice.
Well these are my quick thoughts on leading and fighting, what are yours?

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>You, Me, Us, We – July 4th!


More photos of the FRC Sawgrass Brigade Parade!!

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