>Great Risky Quote


“And the day came 
when the risk it took 
to remain tight inside the bud 
was more painful 
than the risk it took 
to blossom.” 
-Anais Nin 

Couldn’t you just climb inside this quote and sit on it for hours?
Great quotes are paradoxical: profound yet basic.
Since this quote says it so well, I won’t kill it by adding to it.
But here’s what I asked myself after reading it:
If I wasn’t so chicken of the risk required,
where could I really be blossoming?

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Oh my gosh! I have the most gargantuan blemish on my face. It is driving me CRAZY. We don’t have jack-o-lanterns on our front porch–we don’t need to–I’ve provided my family with the biggest, brightest, scariest jack-o-blemish. Nobody looks at my eyes anymore – everyone gazes at this freakshow on my face. Its so bad that I talk with my hand “conveniently” over my mouth – as if I have a secret to tell the world.
But you know the old adage: if you can’t fix it, blog about it!
OK, so I’ve tried: Clearasil, Cortisone, Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hr cream, Visine (to take the red out?), hot water, a blow dryer, cover-up…I think that’s it, so far.
Why do imperfect things (we have no control over) happen to us?
A big zit; a booger in our nose, a fly that’s down, an accidental backend noise….
things that aren’t permanent, aren’t tragic, aren’t contagious, they’re just, well…..humbling.
This jack-o-blemish stands as a reminder that I’m not all that; and I better never think I am.
God who made me; is the God who loves me; 
is precisely the God to put a nice head on my zit, 
the head on my neck gets too big.

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We are potty-training. It’s very exciting when Andy goes potty; conversely, it’s a bummer (& a mess) when he doesn’t. Here was my dilemma: Andy went potty, Andy went potty outside.
It’s a “way to go, Andy!” coupled with “what’d you do???”
Sometimes, I do this with God. I mean to do good, but my good gets coupled with bad. (
Apostle Paul spoke to this)
If you are trying your hardest to get a, “way to go!” from God, keep trying. Sure, you’ll occasionally potty outside, but God believes in you! And He’ll be the loudest to cheer for you when you get it right.
God knows your heart….just like he knows Andy’s.They say the road to heaven is paved with good intentions, maybe…
But perhaps the road to heaven is paved with good motivations;
& God’s road back is paved with grace

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>Emotion Commotion

Am I the only one who has emotion commotion? Seriously…is it just me, or do any of you wake up feeling like this

And then your emotions change ever so slightly because you get that perfect cup of caffeinated java… 

But on your way to work, some freak slams on the breaks, you slam on yours, your coffee spills on you, your cellphone call is dropped, & the entire contents of your purse spills onto the floor…

You arrive to work. An urgent, mandatory meeting is called at the same time the school calls to tell you that your kid puked all over his teacher, at the same time you are trying to get coffee stains out of your white shirt with a Tide Eraser pen, at the same time your mom calls to tell you about the cornucopia cross-stitching piece she just finished…

As the day continues (cause days don’t stop for emotion commotion), you find yourself in a state of agitation, frustration, indigestion, irritation, and constipation…

Ah, yes. Its the emotion commotion. I’m sure it never happens to you. But once-n-awhile it happens to me. And you know what the best thing is?
I get to have a new tomorrow. Where I will wake up, again, like this:

With a God who is fully capable of getting me through every day, no matter what commotion enters it.

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>5 Things I’d Love 2 Tell U…Today!


1. You HAVE to watch my Pastor’s teaching from this weekend. It’s about NOT quitting. A must-see for every leader! Watch it here!

2. I’ve extended my private life into another Internet-venue. It’s called Facebook. So now, I’m a blogger, a twitterer, and a facebooker.

3. Please pray for my dear friends & mentors, Don and Mary Nash. You know what…even better, send me an encouraging word for them & I’ll send it to them.

4. Plunge into the book of Ecclesiastes. Absorb it–word for word. Its the 2nd time I’ve done this recently, I’m awed by its truths.

5. Use Halloween as an opportunity to be a shining bright light to your neighbors this year. Have extra candy, extra love (“love thy neighbor”), and extra time to build a bridge.

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>Chicago! Chicago!


I love my homecity, man. 

It’s called, “Chitown,” “the Windy City,” “Second City,” “New York Done Right,” even Kanye West nicknamed it as “Da Chi!”
It’s acclaimed for its uber-cool people: Al Capone, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Harry Carey, Mike Ditka, Chris Farley, the Blues Brothers.
It’s further acclaimed for being the 3rd largest city in the US!
It receives honorable mention for the tallest building in the world because it was,
’til the Japanese made the antennas on theirs taller….whatever.
It has a breathtaking Fall season:

The winters are brutal, but it’s a great place for snow-angels:

Ah….summertime in Chitown:

So what’s your hometown? Click on “comment” and tell us why you love it!

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The other day, DJ & Andy found a frog.

They didn’t want it to die, so they put it in a bucket.
They didn’t want it to be thirsty, so they put water in the bucket.
They didn’t want him to be hungry so they put a dead worm in the bucket.
They didn’t want him to be cold, so they put a fabric softener sheet in the bucket.
They didn’t want him to be bored, so they put leaves for him to jump on in the bucket.
They didn’t want him to sink to the bottom so they put water up to the top of the bucket.

The frog jumped out.

This is life.

We are frogs.

God gives us ALL the comforts and provisions we need.
Everything we think we need….He knows the better of those needs.
When we are in his Kingdom (bucket), we will never be uncared for.
He will ceasingly, tirelessly, eternally work to care for His creation.
Even go to the extreme of jumping out of the bucket to a cross…for us.

But sometimes, frogs jump out.
Or worse, frogs miss the hands that want to put them in.
I hope none of you are the latter.
Today, if you’re a frog in the bucket,
thank Him for rescuing you and putting you there.

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We were at this conference in Indiana. And right there, smack dab in the middle of the conference lawn, Ricky & I decided to do cartwheels. (Props, Igor, for capturing it).
Sometimes, its good to let your hair down (sorry, Ricky) and do something unpredictable, eh? You see that onlooker in the background? Maybe seeing us do something out-of-the-ordinary inspired him to do something out-of-the-ordinary? What if spontaneity & fun were pay-it-forwards? Where our spontaneity blesses another, and in turn, comes back to bless us? King David was a regimented leader, but the bible says one time he danced for joy in the streets…NAKED (see more onnaked here). Though his spontaneity ticked off his wife, it paved the way for others to release their crazy-joy too.
Once in awhile, I like to unleash my unpredictability. Are you with me? Do tell!
Many will be inspired by YOUR cartwheel-in-the-lawn!

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>Quiet Shout #4

>“I have seen his ways, but I will hear him; I will guide him and restore comfort to him.” Isaiah 57:18

We don’t know each other very well, but your recent email gave me a nudge that it’s to you I will dedicate this 4th Quiet Shout. 
I am sorry for your recent news, although you seem to have a great handle on the diagnosis and prognosis!
Remember that one time we met for coffee? You tried to sell me something and I tried to “sell” you God? Well, I don’t know where you are with Him, but I am praying you are one step closer than when we met. 
And I just wanted you to know that when we are emotionally and physically afflicted, nobody truly knows more than Jesus. He endured the greatest of afflictions when He hung on the cross. And He is the ultimate Red Cross who can rescue our lives with the greatest of healing and the deepest of hope. 
I prayed for you today and I just wanted you to, one more time, that God loves you very, very much. 
And as you move forward with medicine, I hope God moves IN and becomes your Red Cross Savior.

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>Quiet Shout #3


“To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.” 1 Peter 2:21

This is to someone who has hugely impacted me and my home…
In your past, you greatly suffered; lately, you’ve endured suffering again. I’ve prayed so hard for you. But I just want you to know that in your suffering, you are an amazing example to so many. This could be difficult to find solace in, but you exude such peace because HE is your solace.
You are the breathtaking evidence of Jesus:
He suffered, you’ve suffered.
He endured, you’ve endured,
He was steadfast, you’ve been steadfast.
He loved in his suffering, you’ve loved in your suffering.
Ya know, for the world, suffering can be in vain.
But for you, suffering has been your offering TO Jesus, and OF Jesus
to many, many, many people.
And one day, in heaven, when your beautiful crown is placed on your beautiful head
and God reveals to you ALL who are there because of your example,
I will be in the front row, crying and cheering for you.

Love ya bunches and praying for you tons.

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