>Halloween Leadership?

>I am on this street for a reason. I emphatically believe that 4 years ago God orchestrated our steps to SW 167th Ave. I pray for my neighbors and enthusiastically embrace the mission to “Love thy neighbor.” So this year, when Trick or Treat came around, we eagerly partnered with our church to leverage the opportunity. After all, if we love them….maybe someday….they’ll love Him.Tonight, when the doorbell rang…

Now just tell me, how do I live out this great mission when I answer the door and two punks spray me in the face? Look, next year, when they return? (cause they will due to this year’s obvious success) & they spray the left side of my face? I will smile, turn the other cheek, and let them spray the right side too. And then? I’ll chase them down the street with our 500 foot garden hose and spray them with some nice, fresh, cold water….to cleanse them of their iniquity….because I love them

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